The BoF Sustainability Index

Metrics and Guidelines

The BoF Sustainability Index is powered by a proprietary, quantitative and qualitative methodology that is designed to rigorously benchmark the sustainability policies and practices of 15 of the largest companies by revenue in the global fashion industry.

The Index uses 338 different metrics to assess companies’ progress towards 16 time-bound targets within six categories: transparency, emissions, water and chemicals, materials, workers’ rights and waste.

Each category is made up of between one and four targets. These are designed to push boundaries and reflect the transformational change required to align the industry with global climate goals and social imperatives over the next 10 years. To quantifiably and objectively measure performance, we broke down each target into a series of metrics. Each metric constitutes a question with a binary “yes” or “no” answer. Together, they are intended to represent a comprehensive pathway to achieve each target. Explore the table below to see all of the targets, metrics and associated scoring guidelines.

The index is built on over 5,000 data points gathered across the 15 companies included in this year’s edition. To request access to the full underlying data for each company, click here.

User Instructions:

  • The metrics have been organised by the six categories comprising the Index. Use the arrow to expand each category to see encompassed targets, metrics and associated scoring guidelines.
  • To view the table in full screen, click "View Larger Version" in the bottom right-hand corner of the table.
  • To download the full report, including the methodology on pages 38-41, please click here.

The BoF Sustainability Index is based on a binary assessment that examines companies’ public disclosures up until December 31, 2020. There are limitations to this approach and while the assessment was conducted in good faith, the results should be viewed as a proxy for sustainability performance and not an absolute measure. Where BoF was unable to identify public evidence to support a company’s performance relating to the assessment criteria, it does not necessarily mean the company is taking no action at all or that bad practices are present.

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