Friday, March 22, 2024

09:00 to 15:00 ET


BoF welcomed business leaders, technologists and creative innovators to share their insights on how the fashion industry can navigate new frontiers in AI, shifts in digital culture and advancements in immersive technologies.

Watch on-demand now for our half-day programme of provocative talks and in-depth conversations, with leaders from brands including LVMH, Calvin Klein, Norma Kamali, e.l.f. Beauty and Roblox, as we delve into the transformative power of generative AI and other disruptive technologies set to impact the fashion and beauty industries this year.

Please find the full agenda and speaker lineup below.

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Content Sessions



Learn how the rapid advance of artificial intelligence is reshaping fashion, from enabling traceability in the supply chain to transforming how shoppers find and buy clothes.

How Algorithms Flattened Culture
Much of what we see online today is mediated by algorithms, from the videos in our TikTok feeds to the products recommended by retailers like Amazon. Kyle Chayka will explain how this web of algorithms is reshaping the world and defining consumer tastes.

Generative AI: Putting the Powerful New Technology to Use
This novel variety of AI is already powering customer-facing chatbots to improve product search and offer styling tips, as well as providing the foundation for a new breed of design tools. Raghu Krishnananda and Seda Domaniç will dissect the ways fashion is using generative AI across the value chain.

Enhancing Visibility in Fashion’s Supply Chain
AI start-ups are helping brands to fill data gaps on topics like emissions and forced labour by extracting information from public records. Namrata Sandhu and Evan Smith will dive into how their companies are trying to bring transparency to fashion’s supply chain and the role technology can play.

Using AI to Create Customer Centric Business Strategies 
AI is transforming the extent to which businesses can understand their customer base. Newly accessible insights can and should be applied throughout organisations, from product development to retail and re-engagement strategies. Sona Abaryan, global luxury and retail lead at our partner Ekimetrics, shares best practices.

Can AI Carry on a Designer’s Legacy?
Generative AI is giving designers a way to use their archives to produce new designs with their DNA, even after they’ve left the company. Norma Kamali and Cyril Foiret will lift the lid on the AI tool primed to continue Kamali’s legacy.



Understand how online culture is evolving and influencing the ways brands reach their audiences, craft their identities and create deep, meaningful relationships with their fandoms.

How Calvin Klein Taps Into Culture
Just a few days into 2024, Calvin Klein’s Spring campaign became the year’s first viral sensation. Its success proved that casting and timing, plus a little bit of the brand’s signature provocation, can fuel relevance. BoF’s Imran Amed sits down with chief marketing officer Jonathan Bottomley to talk about Calvin Klein’s marketing approach and how the brand creates cultural cut-through.

The New Paradigm for Influencers
The power of influencers — in shaping cultural discourse, starting trends and, of course, selling products — is only growing. Digital creators Chrissy Rutherford and Katie Sturino break down what is top of mind for influencers today, from building new revenue streams to DEI in the industry.

Beauty’s Big Opportunity in Gaming
Roblox has become a new hot spot for beauty brands looking to connect with the next generation of shoppers. Ekta Chopra and Tian Pei will share their thoughts on why it is a compelling place for brands to establish a presence and how they can create authentic bonds with its users.



As companies like Apple and Meta introduce new products that can add a digital layer on top of the physical world, explore the opportunities available in areas from design to marketing.

Designing the Future in Virtual Reality
While brands imagine VR’s potential for customer-facing experiences, the technology is already finding a place in footwear as a design tool. Joey Khamis will explain how they’re using VR for design and examine how the technology could be adopted at a wider scale in the years ahead.

LVMH: Reconciling the Physical-Digital Paradox
The world’s largest luxury group, which built its name on exquisite physical goods, is charging into new technologies like blockchain and augmented reality. Nelly Mensah will explain how the company is working to translate physical craft into the digital realm, and what new frontiers of computing will mean for the way fashion brands interact with customers.



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