Thursday, January 26, 2022

15:00 GMT / 10:00 EST

The New Statement Shoe: Reimagining Designer Footwear

Consumers still cherish their sneakers but statement shoes are finding new favour again in a post-pandemic world with a return to special occasions. However, consumers are reluctant to completely relinquish comfortable styles, with a new and unusual focus on both coziness and glitziness.

Please join us for our next #BoFLIVE, based on the latest BoF Insights Report, as BoF’s Diana Lee and Rawan Maki, along with Giorgio Sarné, chief executive of Stuart Weitzman, and Rachel Makar, director of accessories at StockX, discuss how designer footwear is evolving alongside the tastes of shoe shoppers..

Giorgio Sarné, Chief Executive, Stuart Weitzman; Rachel Makar, Director of Accessories, StockX; Rawan Maki, Associate Director of Research and Analysis, BoF; in conversation with Diana Lee


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